Healthy Mind (Positivity)


This is something that I have to try to remember a little better than I have been lately. In this world that we live in, it is so difficult to not compare yourself to everyone around you. I’m not talking about just celebrities but also the people you pass on the street or that you see while scrolling through your *insert social media name here* timeline. When you start to compare yourself, you start find flaws (or at least feel like you’ve found flaws) and then you start to think you just aren’t good enough and you start spiral down in to a bad mood or sad mood or feeling depressed. THIS IS NOT HEALTHY.

Loving your body affects your mind and having a healthy mind is just as important as your heart health and other health areas.

The other day my boyfriend made a casual- and harmless- remark about a girl’s booty. It wasn’t even a girl who either of us “know”. We just follow her on instagram. My immediate snap reaction was just to get annoyed. “Oh, well just drool over her booty then!” and then I thought- “Jenna! What the hell are you doing? This man is constantly complimenting/worshiping your ass. Stop this right now!” And I did. In the past I would have stupidly dwelled on it and eventually gotten mad- for no real reason- and I didn’t let myself go that far. I wasn’t mad. I was envious but there was absolutely no reason for me to be envious.

I don’t look like every other girl that I pass on the street. Someone has longer hair than me, bigger boobs, longer legs, a smaller waist, smaller thighs, green eyes, blue eyes, blonde hair- the list goes on and on and on. And you know what? It is okay that when I get to the end of that list- I’m all by myself in the “what I look like” category. I can not compare myself to others because none of those ‘others’ are ‘me’.

Love yourself. Stop comparing yourself to other people. Stop comparing yourself to what “they” say you should look like (or wear, or talk like, or what music you should listen to, or what show to like…). Just be ‘you’. Keep your mind healthy- keep the positive thoughts.

I guarantee you that your days will be so much better by just having a positive attitude. 100% guarantee.


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