I Am Pretty. PERIOD.

I wrote in my last blog entry about my struggles with my body and self worth and about the small community of plus size girls that I had started to become a part of. I wanted to continue that today and just do a small quick post (partially because I want to share and partially because I am trying to condition myself to start writing more!)

Comparing myself to others based on my size is something I am guilty of, apart from other people using the “oh, well…she’s pretty for a fat girl” line. I am on this new self love journey and something I am working on is comparing myself to others.

My beauty is not based on other people.

My beauty is not determined by my size.

My beauty is not determined by how I dress, wear my hair, do my make up, etc.

My beauty is determined by the person that I am; how I treat others as well as myself.

This is something I am trying to remind myself of on a daily basis- I can not let others control how I feel about myself– the WHOLE package of myself.

So please remember- we are all beautiful people. You are your own kind of beauty. Don’t let the world make you feel otherwise.


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