Poison Apple (jealousy) – a poem

This is just something I jotted down in the wee hours of this morning. I needed to get some things out and these are the only words that would flow. I’m definitely struggling internally right now. That breaking point where you just give up is way too close for comfort and it leaves me feeling bleak. Helpless. Foolish. Lost. Not good enough. I don’t know…I just know that my strength is going to run out soon if something doesn’t change.

Your jealousy is the poison apple to my love
A tainted tart that threatens happiness
You pave roads with anything but good intentions
You’re a ghost that weighs my world down
Poorly sketched together but always present
I can’t fight you anymore
Call for an exorcism or I will flee this place
My home, my comfort, my world
Your demons have done their damage


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