It All Comes Full Circle


A year ago I was all wrapped up in the start of hockey season with a few Nashville Predators home games under my belt. I was in the midst of the “talking” stages with this guy- we were trying to figure out the whole long distance deal and we were together as a couple but we weren’t an “official” couple. I wasn’t calling him my boyfriend, he wasn’t calling me his girlfriend and we both had other life issues we were dealing with/overcoming- that “it” was there, though. It was very complicated. At one of the first couple of games I got him a Seth Jones shirsey (the shirts with the players name/number on the back of it). He really liked Seth because he was a black man playing in the NHL and because his dad is a retired NBA player. He was trying to get behind the Predators because they’re my favorite team. They’re his “side bitch” because he’s a Colorado Avalanche fan (boo *thumbs down*). When I sent him the shirsey I scribbled out a quick little note on a notepad I had in my car: “Welcome to Smashville, babe. ❤ Jenna” without a second thought and then sent it on its merry way down to Mississippi. A few days later after he got the package we were on the phone and he asked me “what did the heart mean?” in my note. I hadn’t really thought about it when I was writing it but when he asked me that question, I knew what it meant. “You know what it meant” was my response.

After some further conversation those three scary words- “I love you”- finally trickled from my mouth and I immediately wanted to dig a hole and bury myself in it. It was terrifying. What did I just say? Oh my God I’m ‘that girl’! It’s too soon! He’s going to run for the hills! Shit, Jenna, keep your mouth shut! Oh, but it felt so amazing, too. It felt right. I won’t go in to the details of coming to this realization of love- we were long distance and not in a conventional relationship and I didn’t fully understand how it had developed at that moment in time, myself. I do know that it was there, though and looking back on it I see how it has progressed to what it is now. When you know, you know. You feel it. I truly believe that.

Flash forward a year….

11 months of being ‘official’ and last night we went to the Nashville Predators game. His first regular season NHL game. He got to see Jonesy in person, buy a Preds hat, be in the arena and watch the game that he had only seen on TV up to that point and had only been watching because of me. Maybe I’m just a complete dork but it was kind of a big deal for me. Last year I was buying that shirsey and shipping it off- this year we were there: together. So much has changed and grown and come around full circle in the last year- it kind of blows my mind. I don’t know how it happened- I stumbled upon it- but I know that I am truly truly lucky and truly blessed.


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