Why Is Hate Acceptable?

I’ve had a heated weekend of seeing people on twitter go incredibly overboard with their “support” of their favorite sports team. The amount of hate, disrespect and immaturity that can come from strangers and be directed at other strangers just baffles me. It also sickens me and annoys me.

My question is “why?” Why is that necessary? Why is it necessary to call somebody you don’t even know a ‘faggot’ because they like a football team that you don’t like? Why is it necessary to gloat and find happiness out of seeing an athlete suffer a possible career ending injury? Because he used to play for a college team that you didn’t like? That really makes sense. That’s really rational. What happened to you to make you such a horrible person that doing something like that makes you happy/brings you joy? I don’t understand it…

I heard about this news story on the radio this morning while I was on my way to work, and it was the straw that broke the camel’s back of my tolerance. I know that all I can do is be angry and sad about it, because I can’t change people, but oh well. I’m going to link to a video and article below, but the jist of the story is this: a bunch of teens in Ohio tricked an autistic 14 year old boy in to thinking they were going to help him with the ALS ice bucket challenge, and instead of dumping ice water on him- they dumped urine, feces, bodily fluids, cigarette butts, etc. They taped it on his cell phone and then they posted it to instagram. The bot was too embarrassed to tell anyone about once he learned what was in the bucket. His mom found the video on his phone. Police don’t know who the teens that did it are, yet, but supposedly celebrities like Drew Carey are saying they’ll offer an award to whoever can give them information on who did it.

What a SICK and twisted and awful thing to do. It breaks my heart, it makes me sick to my stomach….I don’t understand it. And the worst part about it, is that I’m fairly sure that those teens who did this don’t think they did anything wrong. They think it’s funny. They think the boy is being a wimp for telling on them once his mom discovered the video. They have no sense of right or wrong of responsibility. Shame on those parents for raising their kids this way….shame on all of them.

And don’t get me wrong….I’m not saying I’m perfect. Am I guilty of getting angry over sports? Sure. Have I said inappropriate things about people? Sure. I choose to keep those thoughts to myself, though….and if I do share them, it’s in a moment of venting that is private between myself and a friends, or my brother, or my boyfriend. There’s a level of respect that people as a whole need to reach. Stop bullying. Stop shaming. Stop tearing people down for your own enjoyment. All it does is make you look bad.


Here’s the article:



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