Cops and Thieves (a poem)

A day to curve the thoughts of dreams so young,
spark imagination red and wet,
and cut the rain with tough and timeless play.
To trace the tracks ‘round barn and trees that led
in hot pursuit of cop and thief,
a world of frog and prince lay at the end.

A child of dreams, an eye for stars,
runs through a wall of sparkling drops,
as dog and cat run ‘round the trunk
and days of sun and fun pass by.
They flood the mind of lost beliefs
with smiles and laughs and innocent times.

Fleeting tales pass watcher lost and found
amongst the land of faith and make believe.
The times that tell of knights, the cops and thieves,
the rain that adds magic to the story,
and stored in minds of lost belief from days
when dreams were young, and young were those who dreamed.

Written in 2006 for a class assignment in my college years***


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