Love Makes Her Points (Battle Tested) (a poem…)

battle tested, battle scarred-
we’ve waged battles in this battleyard.

love is more than just a word to say
in throes of passion or as a “by the way…”
love makes her points, complicated and plain-
she rationalizes the utterly insane.

battle tested, battle scarred-
she’s daily doses of easy when i try to make shit hard.

she carries hearts like poets past,
will call me out or knock me on my ass
if she feels either is an appropriate action.
she’s shangri-la…sweet satisfaction.

walked through my door
and fully into my life,
amazing potential for
a beautiful best friend/trophy wife.

much more than i ever thought i deserved or wanted,
she exorcised demons and skeletons that had me haunted.

battle tested, battle scarred-
she’ll always battle in my battleyard.

He wrote this for me in April ❤


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