Oh Baseball, You Scamp…

I was up in to the wee hours of the morning watching baseball, because west coast games are the devil for people who live anywhere but the west coast. I understand that 7:00pm for them gives the fans time to get home from work and get to the stadium/bars/couch/etc- but that also means the game doesn’t start until 10 EST/9 CST. We have to get up and go to work in the morning, and get kids to school, and function all day. Why can’t they start games at 5 and at least give us a chance to get to bed before midnight. The games are starting when I’m usually trying to go to sleep…I hate west coast games in hockey, too. I just hate everything about sports on the west coast except for college football, because who is going to sleep on a Saturday night anyways?

I DIGRESS THOUGH- ranting about the game time wasn’t the entire purpose of me writing this AM- I’m mostly writing because I’m tired and frustrated with the Atlanta Braves. We lose a game in extra innings at 1 in the morning- and I can’t help but be annoyed and frustrated by it. I wasted that time that I could be sleeping and we were in a position to win that game. I don’t know what this team can do but we are floundering and barely keeping our heads above water. Our bats get hot and our pitchers fail- out pitchers get hot and our bats fail- we have no real leadership- we have an awful set of bench players —- it’s just an up and down roller coaster ride and it’s so draining. And I know- I know- you’re a fan of that team and things like this happen and you should support them no matter what happens….trust me, I understand that. I rode the same roller coaster of emotions with the Predators earlier this year. That doesn’t mean that I can’t be annoyed/frustrated at the process though….especially when I only got a few hours of sleep.

And Jordan Schafer. *sigh* Effing Jordan Schafer and his epic fail at base running 101. I really can’t stand him and I can’t stand his “but he’s so H-O-T-T!” fan girls even more. He is not “hott” – he looks like a possum. HOW he managed to get picked off at 2nd base last night- I don’t know- but I was having vivid images of a real possum getting hit by a car when it happened. I love AJ Ellis because I have a personal connection to him- but without Schafer being half way to 3rd/the moon- he doesn’t make that throw. The kid is batting .163 right now….at this point an actual possum would be more productive than he is.

I know the loss of the game wasn’t entirely his fault- I’m aware of that- but it’s what really set me off. I definitely need a break from this team….at least for a game or two. I don’t plan to watch tonight- I have to work on Friday and then drive to MS to see my love- and seeing Kershaw shut us down is not worth my loss of sleep.

AND HOW ABOUT THE ATHLETICS GETTING LESTER AND GOMES FOR CESPEDES?!?! Wowzers….Billy Beane might just mess around and finally win his World Series – MIGHT!



This was definitely my most random post so far, I think….I don’t know that it even really makes sense….but oh well. I have some down time and it was the thought on my mind. I’m going to go mix my coffee with an energy drink now and try to make it until 6:00 when I can go home and go to bed…..


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