Like A Dream Come True…

He is coming to Tennessee and he will be here for two weeks.

Two whole weeks. 14 days. My mind can’t even fully process it right now, but I am so excited I can’t find all the words to explain my excitement.

We spend day after day 400 miles away from each other, and it has finally worked out that one of us can be in one place for an extended period of time. It’s going to be more than the Friday afternoon – Sunday afternoon routine that we have (Monday afternoon is it’s a holiday). It’s going to be more than waking up on Sunday morning and starting the countdown in our heads to when we have to say goodbye. Oh, and that goodbye…the heartbreak and the tears and the pain of knowing I got to see him, touch him, smell him, kiss him, hug him, see his face for 48 hours and now it’s being taken away from me. It’s going to be more than the 6 hour drive home full of sadness and longing. It’s going to be so much more than that and I could cry from happiness.

I get to come home from work to him every day. I get to sleep next to him every night. I get to kiss him in the morning and kiss him in the evening. We get to cook together, be lazy together, watch TV together, go out together….it really is a dream come true.

I love him dearly. Unconditionally. He has my whole heart, but neither of us can deny that sometimes the distance gets really hard. We both need this, very badly, and I can’t wait for Friday to get here.

*Insert excited school girl squeal here*


I’m attaching a picture of us from the last weekend we were together- we went to a Mississippi Braves game because we’re both HUGE Atlanta Braves fans and they’re close to him. I think we look pretty damn cute together….but I’m biased ❤

J and A



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