Hot Stove Top

I burned my finger while fixing my dinner tonight. Not even in the cooking process but after when I was plating my food. The “hot cook top” message on flat top stoves is NOT a joke. It’s not bad, you can barely see a mark, but it stings like hell. The hot water to my bubble bath isn’t helping it, either. I knew and expected that- but I needed a sweet fragrance (my bubble bath reminds me of tropical Starburst) and hot water so I could close my eyes and ease my mind.

Yet here I am typing away on my phone. I don’t think I would know what relaxing was if it hopped in the bathtub with me and slapped me in the face. (It would probably hurt less than the finger burn though…) I’m tired and emotional and because of that my mind keeps spinning.

I’m a mess, but that’s par for the course with me.


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