I’ll probably suck at this….

I didn’t really sleep much last night. My boyfriend is 400+ miles away from me and going through a lot of emotional and stressful things, and we can’t be together all the time, and it kills me. I can’t make everything better for him, or try and fix things, or help him as much as I can. So I was up most of the night on the phone with him- trying to talk to him and relieve his stress and fears the best as I could. When we hung up the phone around 4am- I couldn’t sleep- and I had words swirling around in my head that were meant to be put to paper in the form of a poem. (When I say paper, I mean the notes app on my iPhone, because who gets up to get paper at 4am?)

So now here I am. Making an attempt at writing a blog. I don’t have any real direction with it- which is a running theme in my life. It will probably be random and go from sports to poetry to ‘this is what I did today’ to pictures- and maybe to nothing at all. I may end up not keeping up with it. But I wrote this poem, and I wanted a place to put it so people could read it and it wouldn’t just sit on my iPhone or in his inbox.

That’s all I have right now. Poem will follow….


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