Fight or Flight Instincts (a poem)

My fight or flight instincts are in full gear
Preparing for battle
To combat the hurt and doubt and fear
To fight off the death rattle of a love that is meant to be.

My world is better when you’re next to me
Like dreaming in color
Then the darkness and distance settle in and serve up a deadly cocktail with a side of longing for each other.

We’ve been battle tested and battle scarred- bruised and broken
And we’re standing together to face another enemy on our hearts, that I carry with me always in words unspoken.

There’s a light in you that flickers and fades when the days get long
The memories tease and taunt when you’re left alone, and you stumble- but I am always with you.

In a glance, in a smell, in a call out of need- in a sweet and sinful touch for you to escape in- you can find me.
A song to fill the white noise of silence
Your support in your search for answers and a reminder that the light in you is brighter than the darkness that binds you.

I will fight the fight that protects the world where I feel safe and loved
I will not run or flee, or fall victim to insecurity
And we will come out of the trenches of this battle far above and better than the path that led us there.

Side by side we are unbreakable by any threat on the perfect ecstasy of you and me in one place
There is no darkness or fear, no doubt, no demons to face- just this love that is meant to be.



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